As They Continue to Fall Supporting Dir: Nikhil Bhagat
The Weight Starring Dir: Aidan Largey
Butterfly Dust Starring Dir: Anthony Bushman
Wiener Dog Nationals Supporting Dir: Kevan Peterson
Lex Starring Dir: Troy Ruff
The Cookies Starring Dir: Eoin Macken
Embers of the Sky Lead Dir: Justin Calen Chiang
Sweet Jesus Starring Dir: Kevin Marron
Broken Starring Dir: Daniel Grove
Animus Starring Dir: Declan Cassidy
No Saints For Sinners Supporting Dir: Nathan Frankowski
Swansong: Occi Byrne Supporting Dir: Conor McDermottroe
Trapped Supporting Dir: Graham Cantwell
Dublin The Movie Lead Dir: Lenny Abrahamson
Craic Whores Starring Dir: George Kane
Crime Calls Starring Dir: Philip Kelly
Aces Starring Dir: Jessica Bermingham
Chronoscope Supporting Dir: Andrew Legge
An Racán Starring Dir: Paul Burke
The Opponent Starring Dir: Sandas Jonas
Crossover Lead Dir: Marcella Kinsella
A Long Way Down Starring Dir: Patrick Keighery
The More Things Change Starring Dir: Derek Cahill
Social Work Lead Dir: Declan Reynolds
Dreams Supporting Dir: Morgan Ryan
A Guide to Suicide Starring Dir: Eoin Keenan
Luc Starring Dir: Gerard Browne
Hard Knocks Supporting Dir: Deth D'Arcy Schewe
The W.C. Supporting Dir: Liam O Mochain
The Buck Rules Supporting Dir: Sam Lennox
No White Knight Starring Dir: Kevin Marron
General Hospital Co-Star ABC
Masters of the House Series Lead RaRa Films
Zombie Bashers Guest Star RTE
Redemption Series Lead RTE
The Powerdown Show Guest Star DCTV
Feud Guest Star RTE
Podge & Rodge Guest Star RTE
Maru Guest Star TG4
The Last Days of Cleopatra Karl/Maureen Georgeanne Heller Presents
What The Donkey Saw Multiple Wild Geese Productions
This Is Ireland Robert Emmet Garfinkle / Noone
War of the Roses III King's Assassin Whiplash
War of the Roses II Thief Whiplash
Four Country Roads Leo Murphy Artswell
War of the Roses Young Talbot Whiplash
One Room 91 PanPan Theatre
Death of a Salesman Waiter Guthrie Theater
Action Nameless Locus Theatre
Elesyian Jumiors Gatekeeper GSA
What the Dead Want Russian Soldier GSA
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare British Soldier Activision Games
Muppets Most Wanted Looping/ADR Disney / The Loop Troop
The Fisherman & His Wife Blister McFlatus Joe Murray Studios
République (VO & Mo-Cap) The Overseer Camouflaj & Logan
Oregon State Lottery Narrator Borders Perrin Norrander
Think FedEx First Narrator HG Lewes
Nebraska Aim 2010 Narrator Nebraska Aim
Bulmers Light Narrator Euro Young RSCG
Island Of The Damned Son Rose O'Neill / NUI
Making of: A Long Way Down Narrator Seth D'Arcy Schewe
Shelley Mitchell, Howard Fine, Margie Haber, Mark W Travis, Amy Lyndon
The Gaiety School Of Acting (Dublin, Ireland) - Acting Degree
Irish Dramatic Combat Academy - Advanced Stage Combat

EU Citizen, US Greencard, Advanced Stage Combat: Unarmed / Fencing / Sword & Shield /
Knife / Quarterstaff, Archery, Firearms, Martial Arts, Boxing, Mime, Performance-Capture, Horse Riding,
Motorcycle, Carpentry, Singing: Bass, Languages: Irish, Dialects: Irish / English / Scottish / American